National Girlfriends Day! August 1st

A little girl will find the individual or group she feels most comfortable with.

A teenager finds those that she likes to hang around, have fun, share common interests with, and go out with.

As an adult, she is even more selective about who her special female friends are, and by this time, the list is pretty solid. They are her ‘good girlfriends’.



This use of the word girlfriend here is not the ‘typical’ one, referring to two people that are dating.  In another definition, girlfriend simply means ‘a female friend’. However, the word is packed with meaning when you refer to your buddies, your pals…your ‘ride or die’ girls. A girlfriend is a supporter; a confidant; one who you hang with; one who you trust; one you may share secrets with; one you give advice to and get advice from; a TRUE FRIEND or group of friends.

Not just any female friend or associate ‘is worthy of’ such a label! It’s a term of endearment! Girlfriends are special, supportive, loving, caring, fun, and those that have them are fortunate.


National Girlfriends Day

On August 1st, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship. 

In our current world and daily lives filled with our careers, families, and just the normal day-to-day pressures, this day has been set aside to appreciate and spend time with our girlfriends. There is nothing like a GOOD friend, and on this day, plan some time for you and your girlfriends!

Some fun things to to:

-Create new memories and have a night out 

-Shop ’til you drop!

-Have a spa day and pamper yourselves

-Go to your favorite movie together – or better yet, have a girls’ movie night, equipped with your favorite snacks, movies, and beverages!

This year on National Girlfriends Day 2023, spend some quality time sharing stories and reminiscing about fun times and old boyfriends; get caught up on the present, and share thoughts about the future. You’re in a safe place – just have a great time with your good girlfriends in the circle of friendship and sisterhood, ENJOY!


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