The Color Purple: A Must See

The wait is over because the latest evolution of The Color Purple has arrived! Are you expecting to see a remake of the original 1985 version of the movie? We hate to flip the script, but that differs from the treat you are in for this go around. Buckle up and enjoy the ride because this one is based on the 2005 Broadway musical. It reimagines the story more positively, highlighting the female protagonists and their reasons to rejoice.


The Color Purple: The Book

The greatness all started with the book written by Alice Walker. The book was written in epistolary form, which means written in letter format where Celie writes letters to God about everything. The book was released on June 1, 1982, and has sold over five million copies. The original work of Alice Wlaker is her only Pulitzer Prize-winning book. Alice Walker was the First African American woman to win the prize in 1983. She has published seventeen novels and short story collections, twelve non-fiction works, and collections of essays and poetry throughout her career. The original 1985 film earned $94 million in 21 weeks in movie theaters. The Color Purple was nominated for 11 Academy Awards but didn’t win any that year.

The Color Purple Timeline


The Color Purple Book, published 


Alice Walker wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction


The Color Purple film adaptation, directed by Steven Spielberg, was released.


The Color Purple musical adaptation


The Color Purple musical revival debuts


The Color Purple was released as a Musical opening on Christmas Day, 2023, and will be released Internationally on January 18, 2024.

The Color Purple: Present Day

Let’s fast forward to the present day, when fans have waited six months for the highly anticipated musical release date and astonished $18 million on Christmas Day. The movie opened with a $140 million budget in 3,142 theaters nationwide. The box office sales to date are at $55 million, up against a $90 million budget and a $40 million marketing budget. 

The biggest Christmas Day release and the record-holder opening belongs to 2009’s Sherlock Holmes at $24.6 million. The audience comprised 65% African American and 19% white attendees. The movie currently sits at 7Th place at the box office. It will need to see an increase across demographics to excel in box office sales.


Taraji P. Henson captivating our hearts as Shug Avery.

The New Cast for The Color Purple

The cast is star-studded and talented, ranging from musicians to tenured actors. The American Idol winner, Fantasia Berrino, stars as the older Celie, who also played Celie in the 2007 Broadway production of the movie. The star of “Empire,” “Acrimony,” and “What Men Want,” the incomparable Taraji P. Henson wows us with her vocals as Shug Avery. You might remember Danielle Brooks for “Orange is the New Black, Tamela Mann from several Tyler Perry movies and plays, R&B sensation Ciara stars as Nettie, and H.E.R as Squeak.



Fun Facts about the Color Purple:

    • Whoopi Golberg asked Alice Walker to be Celie in the movie.

    • Whoopi Goldberg makes a cameo appearance as the midwife who delivers Celie’s second child.

    • Whoopi won a Gloden Globe for Best Actress.

    • The Broadway play debuts 80 miles from Alice Walker’s home of Eatonton, Georgia.

Oprah did not make a cameo in the movie because of the rapid spreading of COVID-19 in Georgia. Filming would require Oprah to sit in a closely confined church for hours, which would increase the probability of contracting the virus.


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