Celebrating Mother’s Day! Sunday, May 12, 2024

“I’ll always love my Mama, she’s my favorite girl… I’ll always love my Mama, she brought me in this world…”  

Song by The Intruders


  • A woman in relation to her child or children (noun)
  • Bring up a child with love and affection (verb)
  • Also known as Mom, Mama, Mum, MeeMee, Mommy

Dear Mother. The one, and only, that gives birth, sacrifices, loves, nurtures, provides for, cares for their child/children.  A good mother is an example to their children, lovingly disciplines them, is a care-giver, health care provider, teacher, coach, trainer, guide, and moral compass.

Not every mother is perfect. Not every mother is considered a ‘good’ mother. However, the task is so great, and sometimes even overwhelming, that mothers everywhere are recognized on Mother’s Day, celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May each year.  Good mothers deserve recognition and honor on more than this one day, but Mother’s Day is set aside just to pay special homage to mothers, and for those who have lost their mothers, to their memories.

Celebrating Mom

There are always so many celebrations and fun ways to celebrate Mom on this day,  Besides the traditional card and flowers, how might you celebrate Mom on this day?  Below are some ideas!

  • Breakfast in bed 
  • Now that the weather has broken in many areas, a nice, backyard bbq is great!

  • Try a spa day at home, complete with bath bombs, soothing bath salts, and whatever else that will allow Mom to be pampered!

spa party kit

  • Goodie baskets – fruit and treats, pampering items (soaps, lotions, bath items, skin care), and even a nice adult beverage basket!
  • Watch a movie or binge watch some shows with Mom

For the Dads…

Dad can play a huge role in helping to make Mom’s day special. The little things mean so much!

  • let mommy sleep in
  • you do the planning for the day!
  • spend quality time with well thought-out activities and considerations
  • write her a love letter
  • no chores for her for the day!
  • clean the house!
  • Mother's Day Gifts for Your Wife

Make this Mother’s Day a special one by showing an extra dose of love, affection, and appreciation for your Mother or mother figure, wife, and honor the memory and keep it close to your heart for a departed mother.

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