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Mardi gras 2022

Mardi Gras 2022 is back! with the increasing numbers of COVID-19 the Parade, unfortunately, was canceled last year but it is finally back in 2022. Mardi Gras is an exciting event for many. This parade is full of beautiful floats, thousands of people, events, and much more. Mardi gras colors are green, purple, and gold signifying justice, power, and faith. This 177-year-old tradition is still thriving and full of fun. Allow Fellowship Fleet Limousine and bus company to put you in the Mardi Gras spirit with a few fun facts and ways to celebrate this year.

Fun Facts about Mardi Gras 2022

  • Mardi Gras is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
  • Marks the end of Carnival season.
  • Also, celebrated as pancake day in many other countries.
  • The first parade was 177 years ago
  • New Orleans has been celebrating Fat Tuesday with parades since 1837. The first floats appeared in the parade in 1857.
  • Mask are required by law to wear on the floats.
  • Beads have been a tradition since the 1700’s.
  • The word Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday which is why it’s celebrated as the final feasting day before Lint.

    Ways to Stay Safe during Mardi Gras

Although the numbers of COVID are dropping and many mask mandates are being lifted make sure that you continue to stay safe and practice COVID safety. Keep your hands clean, your immune system up, and most importantly stay at home if you’re sick. Book minimal contact travel with Fellowship Fleet by clicking here.

Things to do

  • Dress in the official Mardi Gras colors.
  • Go to Mardi Gras themed restaurants and bars.
  • Try new Orleans/French/Creole food.
  • Go to a Mardi Gras Parade

Click here to find Mardi Gras celebrations near you.