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National Margarita Day

Today is National Margarita Day. In celebration of our favorite celebratory cocktail go out and grab a drink. The margarita contains triple sec, tequila, and lime juice. Created in 1938 in Mexico came the invention of margaritas. Margaritas are widely considered the official drink of having fun. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere! And, that’s never truer than on National Margarita Day. So, get out a shaker, your frozen margarita machine, or head to your local bar and order a margarita. On ice, or on the rocks, you can’t go wrong. Salud!

Frozen or on the rocks, tart or sweet, margaritas are as popular as a cocktail can get. While they may be fun to enjoy on Taco Tuesday or on a sunny afternoon on a beach vacation, there’s no doubt this drink is worthy of a holiday in its honor.

History of Margarita Day

Margarita means “daisy flower” in Spanish, and it is rumored that the drink was invented in the 1930s when a bartender in Tijuana, Mexico, accidentally put tequila instead of brandy in an American news editor’s Brandy Daisy cocktail.

The earliest occurrence of the famed cocktail was in 1938 by the father of the drink Carlos “Danny” Herrera. He made it in his restaurant located in Baja California, for a famous customer named Marjorie King, a dancer on the hit American theatrical Broadway “Ziegfeld follies” because she was allergic to spirits but not tequila — and just like that our beloved drink was born. However, Herrera wasn’t the only person to claim to be the original margarita maker. Francisco “Pancho” Morales was a bartender in Mexico. Morales first mixed the cocktail in 1942 in Juárez, Mexico and then left to become a US citizen and work as a milkman for 25 years. He has the backing of the official Mexican newspaper Notimex.

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Ways to celebrate

  • Make a margaritas
  • look up the history of margaritas
  • Look up drink deals near you.

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