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Who Is Garrett Morgan?

This black history month Fellowship Fleet would like to introduce Mr. Garrett Morgan the inventor of the three patent position traffic signal. The original traffic signal was created with only two signs which were stop and go. This set up was very dangerous because it only regulated two signals. Due to this, Garrett Morgan created the yellow light to help regulate traffic.

Traffic signals play a major role in today’s society. They play an important role in how the traffic and safety system works when it comes to driving. Although Garrett Morgan did not invent the traffic signal, he noticed how congested and dangerous the original traffic signal was with just the stop and go process and decided to create a new traffic signal to help with the issue.

History Of Garrett Morgan

  • Morgan, the son of two formerly enslaved people, was born in Kentucky in 1877.
  • At the age of 14, he moved to Ohio and looked for a job as a handyman in Cincinnati, and then worked as a sewing machine repairman in Cleveland.
  • By 1907, Morgan opened a repair shop, and in 1909 he added a garment shop to his operation.
  • By 1920, Morgan gained enough money to start a newspaper company.

Fun Facts about Mr. Morgan

  • In 1910 Garret began developing his own inventions.
  • In 1916 Garret’s breathing invention helped him rescue workers trapped in a water intake tunnel beneath Lake Erie. He was featured in a newspaper. This smoke hood was completed in 1912.
  • In 1922 Garret filed for a patent for a traffic control device with a warning position. He sold his rights to the patent to General Electric for $40,000.
  • Among his most notable inventions were an early gas mask and a traffic light.

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