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Climate Change

Climate Change History

Climate change, also referred to as global warming, has a great affect on Earth’s atmosphere. You can’t turn on the television, read a newspaper or magazine article without there being some mention of global warming.  Earth’s climate has consistently changed throughout history.  Sixteen of the past seventeen years have shown record breaking temperatures.  In the year of 2016, the temperature was the hottest of those 17 years.  In addition, global sea levels have risen 8 inches over the last century. Studies have shown a 30 percent increase in acidity of this world’s oceans. Also, CO2 levels that were first demonstrated in the 19th century are sharply rising and continuing to grow presently.  As a result, history has shown that there has been a procession and regression of seven cycles of glacial activity over the last 650,000 years.


Various factors contribute to climate change.  These factors include biotic processes, solar radiation, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions.  Today, ninety-seven percent of scientist believe that a major factor to the continuity of these warming trends are due mostly to human activity. Human activities such as emissions from fossil fuel, aerosols, ozone depletion, etc., are some of the contributing factors to global warming.


Presently, there are great efforts being made to battle the negative effects on climate change. More and more people are recycling, up-cycling and/or re-purposing items that would normally be found in landfills. Electric cars are becoming more popular which will help to reduce fuel emissions in Earth’s atmosphere.  Today, people are trying to be proactive by doing their part in “going green” and making more environmentally friendly decisions that will reduce the effects of global warming. The Field Museum (Chicago, Illinois) has a exhibit titled “Restoring Earth” which introduces ways to “go green” by conserving wilderness and directing human relations with nature. Also, exhibits like The Climate Museum’s (New York, NY) “In Human Time” and the “Clima” (Pinecrest, FL) are good sources.

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