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Helping Puerto Rico

Helping Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico

The United States and its territories has been experiencing devastation due to hurricanes. The most recent devastation happened in a United States territory, Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria wiped out the entire Island with Irma level winds and drowned the island with Hurricane Harvey flooding. Hurricane Maria was categorized as a category 3 hurricane but due to its continuous destruction it was re-categorized in the same category as Hurricane Katrina, category 5.  Category 5 is the strongest category of hurricanes. Maria destroyed the Island. There is confirmation of at least 16 deaths due to the storm. Approximately, Hurricane Maria left 3.4 million people without power and half without water and food.

Helping the Island

Federal partners including FEMA have provided more than 4 million meals, more than 6 million liters of water, 70,000 tarps and 15,000 rolls of roof sheeting to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Along with federal supplies, an additional 7 million meals and 4 million liters of water are on the way. Furthermore,  the island is requesting the Federal Government pass a bill that give the territory a relief package. Similar to others, Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company wants to assist in helping Puerto Rico.

Specifically, Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company will give you a 10% discount for your transportation to any major airport in the United States for flights departing to Puerto Rico. However, there are requirements to obtain the discount. To receive the discount you’ll have to provide your complete flight details that verifies your flight to Puerto Rico.  The offer is good until October 31, 2017.

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In Addition, visit CNN website to get the most recent update about Puerto Rico.

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