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Fatigue Driving

Fatigue Driving

Driving Fatigue Reports

Each year, fatigue driving caused an estimated 100,000 police- reported crashes according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As a result, there were an estimated 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and 12.5 billion dollars in losses. Police really can’t asses how tired a driver was. Yet alone a driver can’t asses their own fatigue. Driving while tired has clear warning signs.

Driving Fatigue Warnings:

  • Complications focusing,
  • Head nodding,
  • Ability to keep eyes open,
  • “Zoning out,”
  • Drifting into another lane,
  • Constantly yawning,
  • And consistently rubbing eyes.

In addition, there are two causes of driving while tired. One cause is quality and or quantity of sleep. And, the second cause is driving during the sleeping hours your body has come accustomed to. Both causes fall under the main category of not having enough sleep.  More than likely, if you do not get enough sleep and you continue to drive, you will have a fatal accident. Many individuals such as drivers who drive commercial type of vehicles believe they are immune to driving while tired. No one is really immune to driving while tired.  Furthermore, there are ways to avoid driving while tired. Getting a full night of seven to eight hours of sleep before driving is one way of not driving while tired. Or, the safest option would be to call a chauffeured car service.

Further research on fatigue driving can be found on the National Sleep Foundation website.

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