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Kuti at World Music Festival

World Music Festival

Music in Kuti

Seun Kuti will be attending the World Music Festival in Chicago. Seun Kuti is one of two sons who followed his father’s path by becoming a musician. His father, Fela Kuti is a famous afro-beat musician with Egypt 80. Afrobeat is a combination with African sensibility of funk and jazz. Seun is now a 34-year-old musician. He was born January 11, 1983. First, he was taking piano lessons and learning to play the saxophone at 8-years-old. And since the age of 9, he has been performing on stage. He began his musical career as an opening act for Egypt 80. In the 70’s, Fela established a club, The Shrine. The band would perform there every night. They would play at various venues around Lago and stadiums. Regularly, they would have international tours in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, and many more other international countries.

Seun began as one of the youngest persons on stage. During the year of 1997, Seun was 15-years-old when Fela died. Seun was ready to take his father’s position. Since then Seun became the focal point of the band his father lead. He was the lead vocalist and saxophonist. Seun was referred to a sex symbol on stage just like his father . In addition, to  catching the attention of female fans, he would discard his shirt and wind his hips. Even though, Seun performed in his father’s shadow, he still brought his own flavor to the stage. Furthermore, Seun continued his father’s legacy.

Kuti in Chicago

Thus, he praises Fela’s political message, get up and fight. Also, he wants to relate Afrobeat slightly different to his listeners for his generation. Instead of getting up and fight, he wants his listens to view his message, get up and think. Seun created an album that resembled his own musical claim instead of his father’s. Successfully he grabbed the attention of undisciplined youths in Nigeria with his own style of Afrobeat. Seun continued to lead the band successfully with one long-standing bandleader, Baba Ani. Egypt 80 was referred to the band with power. Two of his children made the band a power force. Seun was the lead singer of the band and his sister, Motunrayo Kuti was one of the dancers on stage. Finally, Seun Kuti will be performing in the Chicago World Music Festival at Concord Music Hall.

More information regarding Seun Kuti performance can be found at City’s Website.

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